4 comments on “Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back-Dr. Paul Yost

  1. This article came to me at a good time as I see myself shift in levels of passion for one project to another in my professional life. Finding the tenacity to persist can be a big challenge, but with the proper framework as outlined in the article it makes the end goal that much more achievable.

    The section on commitment, control, and challenge is helpful to identify those critical characteristics that are essential to build the hardiness needed to persist. And when layered with Ryff’s work presents an impressive framework to aid in preparing yourself to maintain healthy psychological balance during times of challenge.

    Overall, I enjoyed this article as I consider myself a work in progress – open to new perspective. The article is prescriptive, very useful.

  2. Great post. I think we all need a reminder every now and then that this is all part of a bigger “journey” as you stated. The hardships we face today occasionally seem insurmountable, while looking at it in hindsight really proved to be a valuable lesson and miniscule with regard to the bigger picture.

  3. Comforting and challenging words. A timely reminder that “this too will pass.” We have indeed made it through many other tough times since jr. high. I took a moment to consider my personal advancements gained from each struggle (hurdles whether lept over beautifully or trudged through somewhat pathetically). Striving to let myself be formed, I forge ahead. I proceed.

    It has been trying to keep my chin up and maintain the necessary motivation the past few months to comple my MBA as PhD program after program waitlists, or outright rejects my applications and I am now facing a daunting job market. With a few weeks to go, I am writing and presenting still (even if less passionately) because I do have a family to support, I care tremendously about finishing what I start and my tenacity allows for a tangible example of success for my loved ones.

    After taking a moment to read this blog and reflecting a bit on the many amendments to my self (as well as a prayer and a good breakfast), I am blessed and reminded that I continue to be clay in the potter’s hands (Jeremiah 18:4).

    I think I’ll start with 20 or so calls to local employers. 😉

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