One comment on “The Moment that Changed You Forever – Dr. Paul Yost

  1. Dr. Yost,

    Once again, you’ve written an excellent piece, one which resonates deeply with the human experience. It makes me wonder though, are pivotal moments the culmination of small positive or negative motions? For instance, think about water pressure slowly eating away at a tiny crack in a dam. It may take years, but eventually the buildup burst and the landscape changes.

    Your post made me think that course changes are seeded by more than meaningful comments. While we can pinpoint the exact moments they happened (like a conversation with a undergraduate professor who believed I could excel in graduate school), couldn’t we make the case that zeitgeist, the energy of the times were pushing us there already? Or are we such fragile creatures that one comment can tip us one way or the other.

    This anecdotal, certainly, but I would argue that there is an undercurrent of energy which consistently drives our feet forward, not to be derailed by pivotal moments. I think we probably seek these confidants out rather than the moments just sort of happening to us. In effect, we help create these moments through unconscious longings and drives.

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