YRU 2012


What is YRU?    

YRU 2012 is a two hour event taking place on May 20th where lots of people just like you will come together on the Seattle Pacific University campus to have a conversation about the very real and challenging questions they are facing about what they are doing, how they got here, where they are going, and why.

“Every person a participant. No big name speakers. Engaging, Energizing, Conversational, Real.”

Why You Should Come

Every day we are surrounded by hundreds of people who are trying to figure out what their lives are all about. Some of these people have lost their jobs. Others have jobs, but feeling a little off track. Some have experienced great blessings and success in life, while others feel a sense that they missed out on their purpose at some point along the way. Some have a new level of responsibility and want to do well in their new role in spite of their insecurities. Some are deeply burdened by guilt and shame about a mistake they made, and many of us are wondering if they are the only ones who feel that way. YRU is a safe place to have this conversation with others who feel like you, or to invite someone who shares some of these questions. The conversations, resources, and relationships alone that will start at this event will make it worth your while.

Whether this is you or someone you know, many of us feel a sense that we need a safe space to talk intentionally about the challenges and opportunities in our lives. We feel that we have a unique opportunity to provide that space on May 20th.

What Will It Be Like?

Conversational: No big name speakers who make all of us feel small
Forward Thinking: A place to discover how to move forward, not to complain about life and remain stagnant
Engaging: Enjoying ourselves while discussing deep things
Real: If it doesn’t feel like a place where you can be yourself that would be a shame
Full of Hope and Possibility

Space is limited for this free event, so make sure to RSVP for yourself or others you are bringing with you at http://www.whyareyou.org For more information contact Brianna Piedmonte

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